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My September 2021

Spring has sprung. Can you smell the newness in the air? A new manuscript started, a new Netflix series to binge, it’s happening people.

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Photo Basics – Off your phone onto your PC

How do I get my photos off my phone onto my laptop? I was asked recently, (when I say recently, I mean a couple of months…no…now that I’ve checked, I realise it was four months ago, oops) anyhow… ‘How do I get my photos off my phone onto my laptop?’ Great question! Honestly? I had

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The Boat Shed

A couple of months ago I entered a photo in a photography competition. Hubby and I belong to a photography social group. Our group consists of people with varied experiences; its amazing what we learn from each other. We go on photoshoot picnics and sometimes weekends away. Some of us dress in period costume to

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Photo Basics, your Phone has Albums

‘You can create albums in your phone?’ my cousin asked me recently. ‘Yes, you can organise your photos into albums. Searching for that photo is made easier!’ I must admit, there was a time it had never occured to me to categorise my photos in albums. It makes so much sense to do so. ‘Let

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