The Sun, Rain, Wind and Clouds

Synonyms, adjectives, verbs and in the case of the sun – aliases.

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Sometimes, writing “it was a sunny day” just doesn’t cut it. The reader wants more, I know I would. So, I’ve put some words together in the form of a cheat sheet, to help inspire your imagination.

Cheat Sheets

The Sun, Rain, Wind, and Clouds cheat sheets contain synonyms, adjectives and verbs to enhance your story and improve your reader’s experience. And, the pdf for each is available, free, to download.

The Sun

The Sun’s aliases could include – Burning Star, Fiery Ball, Gaseous Star, and Nature’s Heater and be described as Sunshine, Sunset, Sunrise, Dawn, Dusk, Red Hot, Hot! Blistering, Dessert heat, Warming, Blinding, Welcoming, Rejuvenating, Energising. It shines, Heats, and Parched. Was Bright, Glaring, and Soothing. And who can ignore its gentle rays, its deathly rays? Then, it rose and it sank.

“The sun rose, sheepishly poking its head over the horizon, sending golden rays through the mist haunting the valley.”

From my manuscript yet to be titled – Joanne VanR

The Rain

Rain is described in many ways: Rainy days, Showers, Drizzle, Precipitation, Sleet, a Downpour, Sunshower, and Sporadic Showers. It can be Misty, Wet, Drenching, Icy, Soaking, Relieving, Refreshing, Cleansing or Cooling. Also, it can Pelt, Threaten, Cascade, Flood, Pour, Sprinkle, Come down in Buckets, Rain Cats and Dogs, Flood, Rain Sideways, Hammer on the Roof, and be Relentless.


“Winter had officially arrived, bringing with it a heavy drizzle, the type which is wetter than a downpour, and chills you to the bone.”

From my manuscript yet to be named. – Joanne VanR


Clouds have so many faces, don’t you think? They are Fluffy Marshmallows, Cotton Wool, Light and Fluffy, Misty, Foggy, Heavy, Dark, Angry, Gloomy, Murky, Stormy, Tinged with green (hail is coming), Ominous, Bleak, Grey, Black, Smoggy, Sooty, Threatening, Depressing. They closed in, Rolled in, and Decorated the sky. Can be described as a Cloud Bank, Cloud Burst, Cloud Cover, Transparent, Eclipse the sun, and be a nickname for a country – Long White Cloud.

Yep, sure sign it would rain, if you hadn’t already guessed it from the dark clouds looming above.

From my manuscript yet to be named – Joanne VanR

The Wind

The fact that I am not a fan of the wind, I think stems from my childhood – trying to eat an ice cream cone on a warm windy day and my hair becoming sticky when it blows in my face.

But there are some great words to describe it and for some, good qualities – Tempest, Cyclone, Hurricane, Northerly, Southerly, Blizzard, Whirly Whirly, Whirlwind, Coastal, Windstorm, Tailwind, Headwind, Prevailing, Squall, Zephyr. Blast, Flurry, Sea breeze, Puff, Windshift, Gust, Breeze, Draft, and Current. As well, the wind is Chilly, Refreshing, Relieving, Warm, Cooling, Scary, Strong, Windy, and Rough. You can become Windblown and suffer Windburn. There can be a Windshift, and it can be Forceful. It can Caress, Whistle, Shake, Rock, Blow, Howl, Rattle, Pick up and Die down.

“A wind gust tried to push her back, and with it, she caught the edge of a shout.”

From my manuscript yet to be named. – Joanne VanR

So there you have it. I hope this helps and I’m sure you’ll find some other words to add to the lists. Don’t forget, each list can be downloaded in a pdf format. Just click on the picture.

Feel free to add to any of the lists in the comments below.

Stay safe, and happy writing.

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