The Boat Shed

A couple of months ago I entered a photo in a photography competition.

Hubby and I belong to a photography social group. Our group consists of people with varied experiences; its amazing what we learn from each other. We go on photoshoot picnics and sometimes weekends away. Some of us dress in period costume to provide the photographers an opportunity to photograph something other than scenery. I may have just added that piece of information so I can show off this photo.

Joanne and Hubby at Maitland Steamfest 2018


As I have mentioned once, or twice, my choice of equipment is my iPhone. I love it, it’s a handy piece of equipment, easy to carry, and convenient. On a couple of occasions, I have surprised my fellow photographers with what I can do with it. I naturally, give the camera most of the credit. Phone cameras have improved so much and are still improving. But, secretly, I know that because I have learned about angles, how to take advantage of the light, and how to choose what will make a good photo, they turn out how I want them to. Some times they don’t, but we won’t mention those ones. Practice makes perfect, and I like practicing.

It’s amazing how much reflection can enhance your photo. By holding the phone as close to the water, mirror, window, or whatever; the reflection of the image you are photographing will also show in your photo. There is an advantage to using your phone for this. The lens is close to the edge of the phone and flat. You can even turn your phone upside down to get even closer to the water (for instance) without getting it wet. Just watch you don’t drop it because well, then, it will get wet.

As an aside, because your phone is flat, you have an advantage over regular cameras when taking photos through windows, and fences…

I took a chance on a photo I rather like and entered it in the Australian Photography magazine‘s Mono Awards 2020.

The Boat Shed; Long Jetty, NSW. 12.10.2019
A little bit about this photo

In October 2019, a few of our group decided on a trip to the Central Coast, NSW. It helped that it was a cloudy day. (It was cloudy and rainy for most of the weekend.) Clouds help to create drama and add diffused light. And, there was an impressive puddle. The monotone was added after the photo was taken using the iPhone’s own edit software. I added another effect to the photo to enhance the drama, using an App. (I’ll cover that in the next post).

The email

On the 18th of August, I received an exciting email. I won a Commended award for my photo; Boat Shed in the Places category. I had hoped for a better result, but at the same time was surprised to win anything at all. Actually, I was tickled pink and couldn’t stop smiling. My certificate hangs on my wall for all who enter my writing area to see. I’m encouraged to improve my photo skills.

As people say often: practice, practice, practice…

What encourages you to move forward? What encourages you to improve your skills?

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