“What’s the point?”

“Can you vacuum for me please?” I asked my son recently.

“What’s the point?” he replied. “Dad will just walk in with grass all over his pants when he comes home. and we have to vaccum two minutes later!” Yes well, there is that, good point.

Look, I know my son’s answer was pretty lame and a cop out, but to his credit he does help around the house without being asked, true fact, not making excuses for him.

The question though, “What’s the point?” got me thinking. Is that the way we should question tasks or for that matter anything we do in life?

What’s the point of cleaning house? It will just get dirty again.

What’s the point of dusting, when you know the dust will settle five minutes after.

What’s the point of making nice food? It will just be eaten.

What’s the point of showering, washing your hair, cleaning your teeth?

What’s the point of making your bed? You’re just going to sleep in it again?

What’s the point of buying new stuff at your age? (My brother-in-law asked my husband’s parents). That, my friends, was the dooziest of them all!

The answer?


What is it about satisfaction and what does it means to us?

“Human is an objective creature always evaluating his life situation. He will feel no satisfaction until he gains his goals. Perhaps, it can be said that the final aspiration of every human being is to attain his goals and desires and this attainment leads to life satisfaction. Therefore, Life Satisfaction is the central aspect of human welfare. It is ultimate goal and every human being strives to achieve this goal throughout the life”. Definition of Life satisfaction Essay; written by a student and posted on UKessays. Follow the link to read the full essay.

Satisfaction makes you feel good. It gives you a sense of well-being. When it comes to food, it makes your tummy full. There is probably a whole lot of science behind this, but we all know that achievement is satisfying.

Have you ever painted a room, and found yourself continually looking at it? Thinking to yourself; “I did that!” Looks damn good!” It can be any scenario: maybe you handmade a present for someone; achieved your daily goal of 1000 words plus extra; finally finished that manuscript, or even better, got it published.

For some people, making the bed when they get up each morning, may be the only satisfying thing they achieve all day for themselves.

When I had my babies, the two jobs I did for myself each day, and I made sure I did it every day: make the bed, shower and get dressed. Ok, that’s three jobs. If I achieved nothing else that day because I was busy with the baby, I was happy. Getting into a made bed each night is very satisfying.

So…back to my original story, I vacuumed through the house, washed the floors and felt satisfied at least for the short while.

Even though some aspects of life sometimes feel like we are repeatedly going through a revolving door, we are human, we have feelings and if one small achievement gets us through the day then; that’s the point!

Hopefully, you will experience some satisfying moments today. If it is one thing achieved then…well done!

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