Whatever the Outcome

I had a good feeling about this story, and it came up trumps.

“[The tension]…lifts from her shoulders and floats away like a red balloon drifting on unseen currents…”

Whatever the Outcome by Joanne VanR

On the first Sunday of October, I entered Whatever the Outcome into the Australian Writers Centre’s Furious Fiction writing competition. It’s a monthly competition each first Friday of the month. Starting from 5 pm, you have 55 hours to write no more than 500 words. There are rules including a list of words and usually a scenario to include. This time the requirements were the words – umbrella, balloon and rock. The story was to take place in any kind of court and someone had to measure something.

I felt really good at the end of writing this story. I even read it out to hubby before sending it off.

My good feelings about it were right. I was thrilled to learn my story had been longlisted and I’d made the top 55 of about 1200 entries. Someone else, people who write, not family or friends who-feel-they-have-to-say they like it, liked my story!

If you’d like to read it, please follow the link. And if you feel so inclined please press like or comment on this blog post and/or on Spillwords. Thank you for spending the time to read it.


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*Furious Fiction has changed its format from 2022. Click the link for all the goss.

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