The End

I typed those two tiny words that mean so much, two days ago.

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It’s official, the first draft of my very first manuscript is finished. I’ve closed the file, and now I wait, despite wanting to rip into it and start editing.

What now?

Meanwhile, I’m three book reviews behind, so I’ll write those. There’s a synopsis for my next WIP floating through the depths of my mind, and research is afoot for the same story. Also, I have two stories written by friends, which I am looking forward to reading.

Thank goodness I’ll be kept busy.

That is all, just wanted to share my news with you.

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2 thoughts on “The End”

    • Thank you J.
      My feelings were mixed. Hesitancy – when it was time to type those two little words. Perhaps writing the story was like a habit hard to give up; and now – satisfaction – I saw this stage of manuscript through to the end.


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