On Writing

On Writing, rule one - Write.

“Rule one, you have to write. If you don’t write, nothing will happen.”

Neil Gaiman
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What’s prompted this post?

‘Are you still writing?’ Hubby asks. ‘Yes,’ I reply. ‘You wrote yesterday,’ Hubby observes. ‘Yes that’s true, and I’ll write more tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.’

It takes a while for Hubby to get used to my new hobbies. My first big hobby (many moons ago) was making fancy dress costumes to hire. He came on board when he visited a costume shop, saw what it entailed and then helped me develop my hobby into a business.

When he saw how interested I was in iPhone photography, he updated my phone to the newest at the time. I mean, five minutes later there was an even newer model, but that’s technology for you.

Now I write as well as take photos, which is my creative holiday from writing, and I still do some sewing. Oh and I also read – another important tip by famous authors if you’re writing.

Back to my point

There’s a ton of quotes flinging about the universe by famous authors on writing. Most authors would agree, the most important thing about writing is to write.

You see, that’s the way books get written. Word by word, day by day until a book is finished. I’m not sure if my finished book will be good enough to be published. It may end up in a drawer until I’ve written one that does get published, or not. But the point is, you have to have a finished manuscript to find out if it will be published.


I try to write after Hubby has left for work, so as not to mess with his mind too much. He’s happy to tell people I’m writing a book, but he just has to get used to the idea that you have to write to get it finished.

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