He gets to live another day

From 1993, my creativity came in the form of sewing fancy dress costumes.

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It started out as a hobby sized business. I’d make the costumes and hire them out for a small amount of money. It grew and became a fulltime business. Continuing until I closed the doors for the last time in February 2018.

Earlier this year, I found a new creativity – writing.

I ventured into writing tentatively at first. I sourced courses, found one, did that and the bug truly hit me. Eager to learn more I signed up for the Australian Writers Centre course: Short Story Essentials. I completed that a couple of weeks ago and have submitted my first 2500word YA short story for assessment. Here’s hoping it’s not rubbish.

All the while, I’ve been keeping low about my new found interest. I’ve mentioned it to a couple of friends that I’ve started writing something. They seemed intrigued when I mentioned I’m researching murders that look like suicide and they even suggested TV shows, books etc to help with the research. They are amazingly supportive.

I’ve since signed up for two more courses to help me move my story along. I’m excited.

Now my family…

They haven’t asked what I am writing about. I’ve mentioned the murders’ research to my husband. I even found a Netflix doco called Cold Case, which has given me some ideas for my book. He doesn’t say much about it. It’s probably best if I don’t go on about it, I’m positive he’s not interested.

I listen regularly to the podcast So you Want to be a Writer and I note down some wonderful tips from the authors who are interviewed each week. One in particular struck a cord. Tuesday 23rd, Allison Tait interviewed E Lockhart author of “Again Again“. Her second tip was “Kill your Grandma!” which she emphasised was not to be taken literally. Instead of worrying about what your family think about your stories.”…let your desk be a world where those people do not exist.” So I was resigned to the fact that I would carry on and just do my thing. It’s ok to do that.

On Saturday night we were out with friends. Catching up on what we’ve all been doing. My husband told them “Joanne is writing a book!” He joked about how interesting my computer search history could be should he disappear suddenly. It occured to me that he is interested in what I’m doing, and I know I have his support. I think I might let him live.

He’s earned that right…for now.

In case you’re interested, the Australian Writers Centre link is here.

Who are your main supporters of what you do?

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2 thoughts on “He gets to live another day”

  1. Loved this. Wishing you well on your latest creative endeavour! I once researched chloroform for a story and felt like a creep soon after. Writers have some of the weirdest internet histories ever.

    • Thank you for commenting.
      I heard an interview with Tara Moss recently and she said the same about her research history. It adds to the fun of writing.


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