Book Reviews

The Widow of Ballarat – Darry Fraser

Part of the blurb from the book: “When Nell Amberton’s husband is shot dead by a bushranger, there are few who grieve his passing, and Nell least of all. How could she miss the monster who had abused her from the day they wed – the man who had already killed his innocent first wife?

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The Hush – Skye Melki-Wegner

My daughter bought me a Kindle for my recent birthday and wished to add a book. ‘Something by an Australian female writer, please.’ My daughter and I have similar tastes in books and as usual, I was not disappointed. The Hush…  Chester is on the road, traveling from town to town, in search of his

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The Dictionary of Lost Words – Pip Williams

It is often said, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. I must confess. I was drawn to this book because of its cover, and I am pleased to say, while I found the first few chapters of the story a little slow, the book as a whole did not disappoint. The Dictionary of Lost

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